Thursday, July 31, 2008

i'm maybe pregnant...

my dear friends... i'm maybe pregnant... i already did my own pregnancy test & it showed +ve.. if i'm really pregnant, my baby now is in 3rd-4rd week... baby or babbies? it's still early to comfirm.. i haven't see a doctor yet... kinda malas you know.. i forgot when was my last period date since i'm not a type of person who tick mentrual days on calendar...

but i think better check with the doctor when it confirmed, i can prepare myself with mommy milk, vitamin, calcium, folic acid pills & anything that will keep me & my baby healthy... can start buy S new born size diapers...hihihi...

wah... rasanya mengandung kali ini amat mencabar... sebabnya perut asyik lapar (bukan sbb nafsu makan naik mmg betul2 lapar)... aiyak... then kali ni pun tekak rasa x sedap... masa mengandung anak pertama, cikjah x mengalami symptom loya2 pun.. tp kali ni, ntah la... tengok je la mcm mane nanti...

but i still take shake.. 1 shake per day... but now i adding Formula 3 instead of Formula 1 only... it's almost a week i didn't weigh myself... takutttt... sbb makan x jaga... mesti naik punye la... patut la 2-3 minggu lepas x turun2... rupenya peknen la pullok... apa2 pun, shake mesti diteruskan...

then klu cfm peknen, put3 kayangan in the making terpaksa la cari calon lain...cian alinx...kena carik partner lain...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

recently bought...

sony home theatre... actually, i want dvd player only... but then, i thought i better took home theatre system still got dvd player, kan...

coach handbag...

the rest still on the way...i bought kek lapis sarawak... oh, MIOR facial soap & glyco set dh pakai dah pun... kerusi cengal yg ditempah pun belum dpt lagik... klu rajin i tepek la pic kerusi kat cni ek...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

sket hapdet..

pg td timbang... berat skrg 64.0kg... sket lg nk smpai angka 63++ tuh... hopefully by 31st july i can reach 63++ kg... i'm fasting today... kinda bz lately... so my post pun a very short one... huhuhu...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i'm thinking of give myself a reward... bukan thinking dh rasenye... dh beli dah pun... apakah ia? nantikan kemunculannya... a spesel delivery from us...

Monday, July 21, 2008

sooo lazy..

i'm sooo lazy to hapdet this blog... i've got nothing to say... i've got nothing to write... i've got NO idea.... oh, plsssss... why this situation happen to me? got no mood...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

herbalife x berkesan????

baru2 ni cikjah terserempak dgn member lama (kat 5 thn x jumpe sejak zaman u)... sbb dia x pernah jumpa cikjah lps beranak, dia x notice la apa2 perubahan... kebetulan plak si member ni badan naik semacam... then cikjah tanya la, kenapa naik, x pernah cuba ke produk pelansingan... dia pun bukak cerita... try produk ni, produk tu & cikjah tergezut dia mentioned pernah try herbalife...

then cikjah tanya what happened with your herbalife? cikjah pun cerita la cikjah lps beranak bdn naik & skrg dh turun 8kg... si member ni x percaya... dia kata dia amik herbalife ni x berkesan... so cikjah pun bertanya pd dia cmne dia mkn herbalife... ini lah jawabnya...

member: i minum shake 2 kali sehari mcm yg disyorkan la

cikjah: plain water u minum banyak x?

member: plain water pun i amik banyak la jugak... asyik ke toilet je..

cikjah: cuba u bgtau dlm sehari tu u mkn ape?

member: ooo.. pagi i minum shake... kul 10am i mkn la kuih ke..klu lapar lg, i order roti canai... lunch i makan mcm biasa je... petang plak lebih kurang kul 4 i mkn goreng pisang... eh, sedap tau goreng pisang kt cafe opis i... u should try cikjah... klu xde goreng pisang, i makan rojak... then kul 7pm, i amik la shake...then klu rasa lapar, i mkn maggi ke, nugget ke fries ke... but in between meal tu i minum air banyak2 & teamix...

cikjah: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (dlm hati: patut x berjaya pun..then perbualan psl HL terhenti setakat iteww saja...)


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

testimoni: Cik F

dikopipes dr sms antara cikjah & cik f...

cikjah: herbalife aper crite? dh turun brp kg? ader tipu2 x?

cik f: tentulah ader ngelat gak.. hahah.. 2kg turun..pelan gak la psl ngelat kot.. then klu aku poser cmne nk mkn eh?

cikjah: menu poser aku ader attach sekali dlm email menu hari tuh... ko print la.. 2kg turun? ko baru je kan amik hl nih?

cik f: 2 minggu la dh amik... amacam.. ok ke?

cikjah: 2 minggu dh turun 2kg? hebat la... tahniah.. aku baru turun 3kg dlm bulan pertama..ko 2 minggu dh turun 2kg...klu x ngelat mesti boleh turun lebih 3kg dlm ms sebulan..

begitu la berakhirnya sms antara cikjah & cik f... cik f dh berjaya menurunkan berat badan 2kg dlm ms 2 minggu...hebat kan herbalife nih...

detox vs fasting

for those who would like to try detox, i suggest u consider it again... with detox, u have to replace ur meal with shake... i've done detox before & felt like elephant who try to's really hard + lapar giler...detox can be done not more than 3 days bcoz it might not suitable to our body system that need solid food for work properly...

well, if u're a Muslim, there's a better way to get fast result but at the same time boleh tambahkan pahala... by FASTING... if u fasting (esp in Rejab) whether nak puasa sunat or puasa qadha', u can menambah pahala, right? & the most important part is, if u telling people that u're fasting, nobody will force u to eat... & u're not trying to reach all these delicious tempting food bcoz u're fasting...

i bet this formula will help u to lose ur weight... adios

luv, cikjah


yeahhh!! stop saying "x payah la nk kurus lg...nnt x laki x suke pompuan kurus sgt".. aiyohhhh... this statement sometimes make me smile.. a BIG smile... dear, men always luv to be with sexy, gorgeous, beautiful & of course not a fat woman... girls, are u agree with me??

and for me, i'm doing this not bcoz of my hubby or somebody else.. i do it for my satisfaction.. i don't want to look older from my age.. i want to be hot mama!!! ekekekke... i want to wear a beautiful outfit (of course got no XXL size)... have a long tiny leg... wear high heels like a catwalk model (ceh, another perah santan)... well, that's my dream... so, stop telling me that i should stop my weight management program... the BIG reason is, i wanna wear this lovely jean (which available in 26"-30" size only)..

it's Levi's® {Capital E}® Swank Jeans!!!!!! nice isn't it? huhuhu...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2nd fasting day

hi all, today is my 2nd day of fasting... yesterday i just ate 2 slice of bread only since my lovely hubby finished all the food... uwaaaaaaa... inikah tandanya sayang????? but it's okay... i weigh this morning & my current weight is 65.6kg... i likee...

bcoz i'm a little bit early masuk tidoq, so i don't take shake in the midnight.. wahh!! only took 2 slice of bread yesterday...hihihi..

ok dear.. let me (AGAIN) remind you that this HERBALIFE is really work for those who want to lose weight, maintaining weight & gain weight... don't feel doubt about this product... bcoz u only wasting your time jumping from other product to another while at the same time thousands of peoples get benefits from HERBALIFE...

just make a search in internet about HERBALIFE & u'll find thousands of HL websites/blogs etc.... better late than never.. but of course better early than late...

luv, cikjah

Monday, July 14, 2008

fasting with herbalife!!!

wow!!! now u can loss weight & the same time menambahkan pahala with fasting ibadah... ok, here's the fasting menu with herbalife since some of customers want me to guide them with HL menu during fasting season (not exactly fasting's qhada' poser time!!! hikhikhik...)

Option 1

upon wake up: plain water
sahur: shake + plain water + teamix (take after 30 mins after shake)
berbuka: moderate meal
in between: plain water
supper: shake arround midnight

Option 2

upon wake up: plain water
sahur: light meal + plain water + teamix
berbuka: moderate meal
supper: shake arround midnight

Do drinks lots of plain water B4 sahur and B4 going to bed after Berbuka. This will make sure your water intake is enough trough out the day. happy fasting...

fasting time!!!!

hari ni saya berpuasa... tp pg td x sahur pun... x terbangun la plak (cmne nk bgn, alarm pun x set)... esok pun ingat nk puasa lagi... rasa haus sket la psl x minum air... sbb slalunya hari2 minum 3 liter air... xpe... tu semua cobaan...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

nothing to do with herbalife

oooppppsss... cuma nk mengalih perhatian sket... nak crite la apa yg berlaku during this weekend... & it's nothing to do with HL... not at all...


presenting my new hairstyle... almost like this...

now i'm aiming to get the same body like that model... ekkeke.. perah santan betul la... but, who knows, right? maybe i can be just like her...nothing is impossible in this world...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my nourifusion gel cleanser is here...

currently, my facial wash soap almost finish... since the product doesn't really works for my skin, i decided to change to new skincare... so, i bought this herbalife nourifusion multivitamin gel cleanser (normal to oily) to try out... i'll buy the complete set of nourifusion after i've got my pay... hikhikhik... since i'll be using 2 product at the same time on my face, i'm not hopping a quick changes on my skin problem... i've got pimples/acne on cheeks, forehead & chin...
i'll update about nourifusion later after get the complete set...

to know more about nourifusion, click here....

i want her body...

i want JLo body... her body is hourglass shape which is similar like me... she's not so keding nor gebu... she's just nice even she's got the butt... yet still looks stunning...

let's share the pichas...

oh! myyyy..

hi frens... it's been a while since i posted about my current weight update... fyi, my mother came to look after my daughter bcoz she got 'campak' yg itchy tu... so, since my mom still at home, of course la home made dishes are waiting for me... so asyik melantak... but i juat meratah lauk je without take nasi pun... but still eat...

oh, last night got pasar malam... so i ate 1 slice of a very delicious murtabak but before that i already ate a half of ikan goreng & 2 ketul sardin masak kicap... hihihi... furthermore, right now i'm not feeling well bcoz have a flu & headache... the weather is really hot but in my office, it's soo cold... pasang air-cond kuat2... my body seem like terkejut if i keluar opis sbb perubahan drp sejuk ke panas berlaku secara mendadak... tu yg cam nk demam...

the result is i'm now taking shake once per day + 2 meals... & bcoz of this menu, i gain some weight but still below 1 kg... it's around 64.5kg-64.9kg...

i'll be back on my right track hl diet on ????? hihihi... don't know when to start again... perhaps, on next week after my mom go back to Johor... again, my target to reach 63++ is still on the mission... yet, due to lack of discipline, i'm not able to complete my mission this week...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

what is your body shape?


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what is your body type?

source :

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put3 kayangan in the making..

yes.. put3 kayangan in the making is my team's name for weight lost challenge instead of kayangan duo.... i describe put3 kayangan as pic above... so lovely, so adorable, so gentle & so on... hopefully i can get the body shape like the lady in the pic... but hv to be patient...


hi readers out there... for this special month, starting from 10th July until 31st July, a great promotion is waiting for you (u won't regret)... to know about the promotion, pls do email me at

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sony VAIO Hunt is here!!!

this amazing game is giving u a chance to win new VAIO CR353G

how to register yourself to join this attractive game? click here...

try it... no harm to try, right?

lose weight challenge by herbydiets

hi readers out there... i took one step ahead (selangkah ke hadapan kah?) to commit in this competition... this competition is organizes by herbydiets (link)..

as the rules & regulations need us to be in team (2 pax per team), so me & alinx
decided to be partner... our team's name haven't finalise yet, but i'm thinking of 'kayangan duo'... duo meaning double & kayangan meaning fairy world... there's no signification behind the name bcoz it's just a name...

both of us still fight to achieve our ideal weight.. but of course alinx lost more than 10kg now.. she consume HL for 7 months already... she's now 65.7kg & before herbalife, she was 79kg... she done a great job... & i'll follow her footstep to lose my weight... sometime we need something to inspire & my inspiration is her... if she can do it, everybody can do it...

the competition is specifically starts on 15th july '08... now i'm preparing myself to focus more on discipline since now i'm begin to cheat here & there... kayangan duo still got no strategies... our brainstorming session always pending due to our current workload... i promise to contact alinx when both of us are free...

another team is 'wishes of two angles' by adiwish & dewicintadunia... they also frens of mine since i herbelife'fing...they are both adorable people...always encourage each other... adiwish's hometown is melaka but now she stay in singapore (maybe married with singaporean, i'm not so sure..huhu) while dcd (nama pendek for dewicintadunia) is sarawakian...

i'm waiting for other team to join us... we still got sobby, rozey, along, fiza, pink apple, azzaliya, senorita, or maybe cik emi (perlu kah cik emi join psl dia dh dpt ideal weight...hihihi) etc to join this competition... the more, the merrier kata santa claus...

by the way, maybe some people who doesn't know me, they wondering where's cikjah's pichas as proof?..... dear, all still in the process... i'll post the pichas that won't regret all of u... i just want to make sure when i post my pichas, all of u will become "wahhh, soooooo much different...." that's why u have to wait patiently...

Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm back...

hi frens... i'm back after almost a week balik kampung di kedah... a lot of godaan makanan masakan kampung... very tempting...i just arrived kelantan at 8.30pm & during the journey a lot of food masuk dlm perut ku ini...

this morning i weigh myself & latest result is 64.5kg... thank god i still manage to loss some weight during my holiday...

the next target should be 63++.. i & my team mate, alinx, will participate in the weight lost challenge... the competition starts on 15th July... i'll try me best to stick on my diet...

Friday, July 4, 2008

balik kampung...

sukacita dimaklumkan cik jah sekarang sedang bercuti2 di kampung halaman husband di kedah... blog ini masih belum siap sepenuhnya kerana pelbagai elemen spt shoutmix, ticker, info, logo herbalife x sempat nk di tepek di kiri kanan blog...

line di kampung amat lembab sekali, maka cubaan cik jah utk kemaskini blog menjadi tergendala.. cik jah akan kemaskini blog ini pd har isnin bersama2 hapdet terkini berat badan.. tatau naik ke turun sbb cheat sana sini... maklum kan dok keja mkn kenduri je...

apa2 pun, jika anda nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai herbalife, sila email ke cik jah di

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

8 reasons why herbalife shake..

1. it SAFE... yes, it's safe if u r pregnant or breastfeeding mommies...
2. 3 function with 1 shake... choose whether u want to loss@gain@maintain ur weight..
3. it's HALAL babeh... diperakui HALAL oleh badan yg diiktiraf JAKIM...
4. it takes not even 5 mins to prepare shake... jimat masa & tenaga...
5. the taste is SOOOO GOODDD!!!!!! u can choose the right flavor... choc, cappucino, vanilla, strawberry & tropical fruit...
6. it really work... serious, it's works!!! juz give a try & u'll fall in luv with herbalife...
7. millions of people are consuming this MAGIC FOOD? why don't u?
8. the company is a very well-known company... it's got 26 yrs experienced in weight management industry..

to know more about herbalife, email me at

i luv this MAGIC FOOD

saya jatuh chenta dgn MAGIC FOOD ini... tanpa rasa ragu, tanpa rasa bimbang... hanya dgn mengambil MAGIC FOOD 2 kali sehari + 1 hidangan biasa, saya kini kehilangan almost 8kg within 3 month...

MAGIC FOOD membuat saya kenyang... ia juga membantu membentuk tubuh saya... MAGIC FOOD juga mengajar saya utk lebih berhati2 terhadap pengambilan makanan...

ramai yg telah mencuba MAGIC FOOD... ramai berpuas hati dgnnya... mengapa ia dipanggil MAGIC FOOD? dgn 1 produk, anda boleh menurun@menambah@menten berat badan... ajaib, bukan? plus, MAGIC FOOD halal & selamat digunakan oleh wanita yg sedang hamil & menyusukan bayi...

utk mengetahui rahsia MAGIC FOOD dgn lebih mendalam, sila email ke


cikjah rasa cm nk tukar kpd template baru la...yg ader 3 column tu... nk cari yg cute2... nnt kan kehadiran template baru yg cute...ekceli template personal blog dh ubah...cute... nk tengok? jom klik

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hapdet yg tidak berapa best...

cedihnya... spt yg telah diwarwar sebelum ini iaitu pengambilan shake yg tidak teratur + tipu sana sini, akhirnya inilah keputusan stlh timbang pg nih...

65.3kg... huaaaaaa... rasa cm nk nanges tp x leh nanges sbb salah diri sendiri kan... xpe, lps ni akan cuba berdisiplin balik.... mesti turun punya... so target baru adalah utk mencapai 64++ (dulu dh tercapai dh tp sbb naik balik, kena la mengulang semula target nih)...