Wednesday, July 16, 2008

detox vs fasting

for those who would like to try detox, i suggest u consider it again... with detox, u have to replace ur meal with shake... i've done detox before & felt like elephant who try to's really hard + lapar giler...detox can be done not more than 3 days bcoz it might not suitable to our body system that need solid food for work properly...

well, if u're a Muslim, there's a better way to get fast result but at the same time boleh tambahkan pahala... by FASTING... if u fasting (esp in Rejab) whether nak puasa sunat or puasa qadha', u can menambah pahala, right? & the most important part is, if u telling people that u're fasting, nobody will force u to eat... & u're not trying to reach all these delicious tempting food bcoz u're fasting...

i bet this formula will help u to lose ur weight... adios

luv, cikjah