Wednesday, July 16, 2008


yeahhh!! stop saying "x payah la nk kurus lg...nnt x laki x suke pompuan kurus sgt".. aiyohhhh... this statement sometimes make me smile.. a BIG smile... dear, men always luv to be with sexy, gorgeous, beautiful & of course not a fat woman... girls, are u agree with me??

and for me, i'm doing this not bcoz of my hubby or somebody else.. i do it for my satisfaction.. i don't want to look older from my age.. i want to be hot mama!!! ekekekke... i want to wear a beautiful outfit (of course got no XXL size)... have a long tiny leg... wear high heels like a catwalk model (ceh, another perah santan)... well, that's my dream... so, stop telling me that i should stop my weight management program... the BIG reason is, i wanna wear this lovely jean (which available in 26"-30" size only)..

it's Levi's® {Capital E}® Swank Jeans!!!!!! nice isn't it? huhuhu...