Thursday, November 13, 2008

low bp????

minggu lepas spt biasa la cikjah g check up... spt biasa la bacaan tekanan darah diambil... tetiba misi tu kata tekanan darah rendah... aik? slalu org ngandung tekanan darah naik... yg cikjah turun la plak...

maka apabila smpai di rumah, perkhabaran iteww diwar2kan kpd mr. hubby... dia dgn amat concern nye menyemak buku merah cikjah... bacaan dr awak check up menunjukkan bacaan berikut:

1st visit : 100/60
2nd visit: 100/60
3rd visit: 100/60
4rd visit: 100/60
5th visit: 90/60

then mr. hubby cakap, "haah la... low BP".. erk... klu darah tinggi, cikjah tau la effect dia kat baby & mummy kan.. tp yg darah rendah ni, kureng sket pengatahuannya... sbb slalu doc concern high BP je... ni low BP... penin la... pastu misi masihat supaya makan garam byk sket... aiyah... sgt tidak suka mkn mknn yg masin2 kecuali tomyam, ikan singgang & prune... hihihi

What causes low blood pressure during pregnancy?

Low Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

Some women experience low blood pressure during their pregnancy-especially during the first 24 weeks. Low blood pressure is known as hypotension and does not usually occur until the second trimester. Hypotension often causes pregnant women to feel dizzy and there are three common reasons for hypotension during pregnancy.

The first cause of low blood pressure during pregnancy lies within the circulatory system. Because your baby depends on you for an adequate blood supply, the circulatory system has to expand quickly to accomodate the needs of your baby. This can cause low blood pressure until the fetus's system is fully developed.

One other cause of low blood pressure in pregnancy is when the growing uterus puts pressure on the aorta and vena cava. This occurs when you are laying down and you can prevent it by laying on your side. It is best to stay off of your back while sleeping.

Another cause of low pressure during pregnancy is rising quickly from a sitting, kneeling or squatting position. Your blood pressure drops when you rise rapidly, as blood leaves your brain due to gravity. You can prevent the problem by rising slowly from a sitting or lying position.

Of course, these are not the only reasons that pregnant women suffer from hypotension. There are cases that are centered around pre-exisitng conditions. Heart problems and complications within the endocrine system can cause low blood pressure in pregnant women. You and your doctor should work together to make sure that no prior condition puts your baby at harm.

Women that suffer from low blood pressure might feel dizzy, fatigued, depressed, cold, nauseas and thirsty. Pregnant women might also suffer from fainting, rapid breathing, blurred vision and low concentration. Your caregiver will check your blood pressure at each prenatal visit. While it is common for blood pressure readings to be slightly different over a period of time, your doctor will mark any sufficient changes within your readings and treat your condition accordingly. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and increase blood volume.